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We transform ideas into funded projects.

For many entrepreneurs the access to funding remains the biggest hurdle. According to the EY study from 2015, the vast majority of entrepreneurs identified improved access to funding as the most effective way to accelerate entrepreneurship while 70% reported it is still difficult to obtain the necessary financing. So, as soon as you have a clear business idea or a new investment plan and you`re looking for funding, we are ready to assist you in formalising your idea in a feasible and competitive project proposal. Take a look at our approach:

1. Is your project providing added value?

We analyse together if and how the project positively impacts your company (new product development, acquiring new markets, activity scale-up etc.).

2. Envisioning successful implementation.

A time-effective action plan is drawn together, setting up a common perspective on project`s objectives, activities, budget and management.

3. Thorough preparation.

We write all the documents (application form, business plan, annexes etc.) required by the funding authorities. We focus on key elements required by the evaluators for maximising your chances to get funding.

4. Apply a reviewed and qualitative proposal.

After a common revision of the documents, we apply!

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