About Us

We assist the European Startups and entrepreneurs to obtain funding to innovate and grow.

We started Grants for Startups while acknowledging and analysing the various challenges that Startups and entrepreneurs are facing when looking for funding.

Grants for Startups aims to offer a fresh and effective solution for companies looking to obtain EU funding without the time-consuming process of going through an extensive and hardly accessible information.

We are experienced EU affairs professionals with a strong orientation on entrepreneurship and innovation. Our mission is to work together with the European Startups and entrepreneurs to help them getting funding to innovate and grow sustainably their businesses.

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Our Values

1. We keep the things easy as we believe in efficiency and simplicity.

2. We build partnerships around respect, trust and results.

3. We aim for high quality standards in our work.

Our Advisers

Meet our people and learn about their experience and expertise

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