• European funding and grants for Startups and entrepreneurs

    We assist the European Startups and entrepreneurs to obtain funding to innovate and grow.

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  • SME Instrument Phase 1-the EUR 50.000 grant available for your Startup

    Since 2014, more than 1.400 companies across Europe obtained 50.000 Euro each to validate their technical and commercial hypotheses. Your Startup could join the list.

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Let`s talk about your context. Either you have a new Startup idea or you want to scale-up your existing business, you are looking for funding. You may consider different financing options like: friends, banks, crowdfunding, business angels or VCs to obtain the funding to achieve your goal. Many of these options come with significant costs: interest-rate, giving-up equity, stressful repayment terms etc.


Get European funding and grants in 3 to 6 months

We propose you the European funding and grants. Because this solution comes with direct financial support and is non-reimbursable, predictable and covers a lot of your project`s costs.


Work together with us and we will use our expertise and experience to help you getting funding to innovate and grow sustainably your business.

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The European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017

Interested in better mobility, better access to mobility, less pollution, less congestion, or more safety and security – the key-goals […]

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There is no news that technology is re-writing multiple economy verticals, disrupting traditional sectors and thus creating new business opportunities. […]

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